Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

w Printing
Set the date and file number
Set them if necessary.
Select <
I>, then press <0>.
Set the print settings as desired, then
press <0>.
Set the number of copies.
Set it if necessary.
Select <
R>, then press <0>.
Set the number of copies, then press
Start printing.
Select [Print], then press <0>.
The [Default] setting for printing effects and other options are the
printer’s own default settings as set by the printer’s manufacturer. Refer
to the printer’s instruction manual to find out what the [Default] settings
Depending on the image’s file size and image-recording quality, it may
take some time for the printing to start after you select [Print].
If image tilt correction (p.341) is applied, it may take longer to print the
To stop the printing, press <
0> while [Stop] is displayed, then select
If you execute [54: Clear all camera settings] (p.282), all the settings
will revert to their defaults.