Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Basically operates like a built-in flash for easy operation.
When an EX-series Speedlite (sold separately) is attached to the
camera, almost all the autoflash control is done by the camera. In other
words, it is like a high-output flash attached externally in place of the
built-in flash.
For detailed instructions, refer to the EX-series Speedlite’s
instruction manual. This camera is a Type-A camera that can use all
the features of EX-series Speedlites.
D Using an External Speedlite
EOS-dedicated, EX-series Speedlites
Shoe-mount Speedlites Macro Lites
With an EX-series Speedlite not compatible with flash function settings
(p.183), only [Flash exp. comp] and [E-TTL II meter.] can be set for
[External flash func. setting]. ([Shutter sync.] can also be set with
certain EX-series Speedlites.)
If flash exposure compensation is set with the external Speedlite, the
flash exposure compensation icon displayed on the camera’s LCD
monitor will change from y to 0.