Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

x Shooting with the Touch Shutter
Even if you set the drive mode to <i>, the camera will still shoot in
single shooting mode.
Even if [AF operation] is set to [Servo AF], [One-Shot AF] will take
effect when touch shutter is used.
The touch shutter does not work with the magnified view.
If the Fish-eye effect Creative filter is set, the camera will focus using the
AF point on the center of the screen regardless of the point you tap on.
If the Miniature effect Creative filter is set, the touch shutter does not
When [10: Shutter/AE lock button] is set to [1: AE lock/AF] or [3: AE/
AF, no AE lock] under [54: Custom Functions (C.Fn)], autofocusing
does not take effect.
You can also set the touch shutter with [A: Touch shutter].
To shoot with bulb exposure, tap on the screen twice. The first tap on the
screen will start the bulb exposure. Tapping it again will stop the
exposure. Be careful not to shake the camera when tapping on the