Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

When the movie size is [1920x1080] (Full HD), you can shoot with an
approx. 3x to 10x digital zoom.
Select [Digital zoom].
Under the [Z2] tab, select [Digital
zoom], then press <0>.
Select [Approx. 3-10x zoom].
Select [Approx. 3-10x zoom], then
press <0>.
Press the <M> button to exit the
menu and return to movie shooting.
Use digital zoom.
Press the <W> <X> keys.
The digital zoom bar will appear.
Press the <W> key to zoom in or
press the <X> key to zoom out.
When you press the shutter button
halfway, the camera will focus with
[FlexiZone - Single] (fixed at center).
To cancel digital zoom, set [Disable]
in step 2.
3 Using Movie Digital Zoom
Use a tripod to prevent camera shake.
When movie digital zoom is set, the maximum ISO speed will be ISO
6400 (it cannot be expanded to H: equivalent to ISO 12800). Also,
magnified view is not possible.
Since movie digital zoom processes the image digitally, the image will
look rougher at higher magnifications. Noise, light spots, etc., may also
become noticeable.
When movie digital zoom is set, the scene icon will not be displayed.
Also see “Shooting Conditions that Make Focusing Difficult” on page
Still photo shooting is not possible.