Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

k Shooting Movies
Focus and shoot the movie.
The procedure is the same as steps 3
and 4 for “Autoexposure Shooting”
ISO Speed During Manual Exposure Shooting
With [
] (A), the ISO speed will be set automatically within ISO
100 - ISO 6400.
You can set the ISO speed manually within ISO 100 - ISO 6400 in
whole-stop increments. Under [54: Custom Functions (C.Fn)], if
[2: ISO expansion] is set to [1: On], the manual setting range will
expand so you can also select H (equivalent to ISO 12800).
Under [
4: Custom Functions (C.Fn)
], if [
3: Highlight tone priority
is set to [
1: Enable
], the ISO speed will be ISO 200 - ISO 6400.
Since shooting a movie at ISO 12800 may result in much noise, it is
designated as an expanded ISO speed (displayed as “H”).
If ISO speed is set to H (ISO 25600) when [2: ISO expansion] is set to
[1: On] under [54: Custom Functions (C.Fn)] and you switch from still
photo shooting to movie shooting, the ISO speed will be H (equivalent to
ISO 12800). When you switch back to still photo shooting, the ISO speed
will be ISO 12800.
Exposure compensation cannot be set.
Changing the shutter speed or aperture during movie shooting is not
recommended since the changes in the exposure will be recorded.
If you change the shutter speed while shooting under fluorescent or LED
lighting, image flicker may be recorded.
When ISO Auto is set, you can press the <A> button to lock the ISO
If you press the <A> button and recompose the shot, you can see the
exposure level difference on the exposure level indicator (p.239)
compared to when the <A> button was pressed.
By pressing the <B> button, you can display the histogram.
When shooting a movie of a moving subject, a shutter speed of 1/30 sec.
to 1/125 sec. is recommended. The faster the shutter speed, the less
smooth the subject’s movement will look.