Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

A Full Auto Techniques (Scene Intelligent Auto)
You can shoot while viewing the image on the LCD monitor. This is
called “Live View shooting”. For details, see page 201.
Display the Live View image on
the LCD monitor.
Press the <A> button.
The Live View image will appear on
the LCD monitor.
Focus on the subject.
Press the shutter button halfway to
When focus is achieved, the AF point
will turn green and the beeper will
Take the picture.
Press the shutter button completely.
The picture is taken and the captured
image is displayed on the LCD
When the playback display ends, the
camera will return to Live View
shooting automatically.
Press the <A> button to end the
Live View shooting.
You can also rotate the LCD monitor for different angles (p.41).
A Live View Shooting
Normal angle Low angle High angle