Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Using AF to Focus (AF Method)
Focus on the subject.
Aim the AF point over the subject and
press the shutter button halfway.
When focus is achieved, the AF point
will turn green and the beeper will
If focus is not achieved, the area
frame will turn orange.
Take the picture.
Check the focus and exposure, then
press the shutter button completely to
take the picture (p.202).
If the camera does not focus on the desired target subject with automatic
AF point selection, select a zone or switch the AF method to [FlexiZone
- Single] and refocus.
The number of AF points varies, depending on the [A3: Aspect ratio]
setting. At [3:2], [4:3], and [16:9], there are 49 AF points. At [1:1], 35 AF
If [AF operation] is set to [Servo AF], the AF point tracks the subject while
pressing the shutter button halfway. The AF point display will be <p> when
a human face is detected, and <z> when a subject other than a face is