Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

When you set the power switch to <k>,
the [Z1] and [Z2] tabs will show
functions dedicated to movie shooting.
AF method
The AF methods are the same as described on pages 218-225. You
can select [u+Tracking], [FlexiZone - Multi], or [FlexiZone -
Movie Servo AF
During movie shooting, the camera focuses on the subject
continuously. The default setting is [Enable].
When [Enable] is set:
The camera focuses on the subject continuously even when you
are not pressing the shutter button halfway.
Since this drives the lens continuously, it will consume battery
power and shorten the total possible movie shooting time (p.247).
With certain lenses, the lens operation noise during focusing may
be recorded. If this happens, use an external microphone
(commercially available) to reduce lens operation noise in the
movie. Also, using certain STM lenses (for example, the EF-S18-
135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM) will reduce lens operation noise.
If you want to set the lens’s focus mode switch to <MF> during
Movie Servo AF, first set the power switch to <1>.
3 Menu Function Settings