Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

The instruction manual consists of a booklet and electronic manuals
(PDF files on the CD-ROM). The booklet is the Basic Instruction
Manual. For more detailed instructions, see the Camera Instruction
Manual on the CD-ROM.
Camera Instruction Manual CD-ROM
Contains the following manuals (PDF files):
Camera Instruction Manual
Wi-Fi/NFC Function Instruction Manual
Quick Reference Guide
Instructions for viewing the Camera Instruction Manual
CD-ROM are on pages 416-417.
EOS DIGITAL Solution Disk (Software CD-ROM)
Contains software such as image-editing software and
Software Instruction Manuals (PDF files).
For more information and installation procedures of the
software, see pages 420-421.
Instructions for viewing the Software Instruction Manual
are on page 422.
Instruction Manual and CD-ROMs
Camera and Wi-Fi/NFC Function
Basic Instruction Manual