Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

The menu options displayed are as
The settable functions on this menu
screen apply only to Live View
shooting. They do not work with
viewfinder shooting (settings are
Live View shooting
You can set Live View shooting to [Enable] or [Disable].
AF method
You can select [u+Tracking], [FlexiZone - Multi], or [FlexiZone -
Single]. See pages 218-225 for more about the AF method.
Continuous AF
The default setting is [Enable].
The camera focuses the subject continuously to achieve rough
focus. This makes it quicker to achieve focus when you press the
shutter button halfway. If [Enable] is set, the lens will operate
constantly and consume more battery power. This will reduce the
number of possible shots due to shorter battery life.
If you want to set the lens focus mode switch to <MF> during
Continuous AF, first stop Live View shooting.
Touch Shutter
Just by tapping on the LCD monitor screen, you can focus and take
the picture automatically. For details, see page 226.
Grid display
With [Grid 1l] or [Grid 2m], you can display grid lines. You can
check horizontal or vertical tilt when shooting.
3 Menu Function Settings