Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Mode Dial
You can set the shooting mode. Turn the Mode Dial while holding down
the Mode Dial center (Mode Dial lock release button).
Basic Zone
All you do is press the shutter button.
The camera sets everything to suit the
subject or scene for shooting.
Creative Zone
These modes give you more control for
shooting various subjects as desired.
d : Program AE (p.158)
s : Shutter-priority AE (p.160)
f: Aperture-priority AE (p.162)
a : Manual exposure (p.165)
A : Scene Intelligent Auto (p.76)
7 : Flash Off (p.81)
C : Creative Auto (p.82)
2 : Portrait (p.86)
3 : Landscape (p.87)
4 : Close-up (p.88)
5 : Sports (p.89)
8: Special scene (p.90)
C : Kids (p.91)
P : Food (p.92)
x : Candlelight (p.93)
6 : Night Portrait (p.94)
F : Handheld Night Scene (p.95)
G: HDR Backlight Control (p.96)