Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

If the image comes out dark or the contrast is low, the brightness and
contrast can be corrected automatically. This function is called Auto
Lighting Optimizer. The default setting is [Standard]. With JPEG
images, the correction is applied when the image is captured.
In Basic Zone modes, [Standard] is set automatically.
Select [Auto Lighting Optimizer].
Under the [z2] tab, select [Auto
Lighting Optimizer], then press
Select the setting.
Select the desired setting, then press
Take the picture.
The image will be recorded with the
brightness and contrast corrected if
Auto Correction of Brightness and Contrast
Under [54: Custom Functions (C.Fn)], if [3: Highlight tone priority] is
set to [1: Enable], [Auto Lighting Optimizer] will be set automatically to
If a setting other than [Disable] is set and you use exposure
compensation or flash exposure compensation to darken the exposure,
the image may still come out bright. If you want a darker exposure, set
this function to [Disable].
Depending on the shooting conditions, noise may increase.
In step 2, if you press the <B> button and uncheck [X] the [Disable
during man expo] setting, the Auto Lighting Optimizer can also be set in
the <a> mode.