Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

When shooting food, use <P> (Food). The photo will look bright and
Change the color tone.
You can change [Color tone]. Food photos with a reddish tinge
usually make the food look more vivid. To increase the food’s
reddish tinge, set it toward [Warm tone]. Set it toward [Cool tone] if
it looks too red.
Shoot the subject in close-up.
If you have a zoom lens, use the telephoto end to shoot the food in
Avoid using flash.
If you use flash, the light may reflect off the dish or food and results
in unnatural shadows. By default, <b> (Flash off) is set. Try to
prevent camera shake when shooting in low-light conditions.
P Shooting Food
Shooting Tips
Since this mode sets the color tone to make food look vivid, human
subjects may be shot in an unsuitable skin tone.
If you use flash, the [Color tone] setting will switch to the standard