Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Handy Features
When you set the copyright information, it will be appended to the
image as Exif information.
Select [Copyright information].
Under the [54] tab, select [Copyright
information], then press <0>.
Select the option to be set.
Select [Enter author’s name] or
[Enter copyright details], then press
The text entry screen will appear.
Select [Display copyright info.] to
check the copyright information
currently set.
Select [Delete copyright
information] to delete the copyright
information currently set.
Enter text.
See “Text Entry Procedure” on the
next page and enter the copyright
Enter up to 63 alphanumeric
characters and symbols.
Exit the setting.
After entering the text, press the
<M> button to exit.
On the confirmation dialog, select
[OK], then press <0>.
3 Setting Copyright InformationK