Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

B: Matching the Light SourceK
Select [Custom White Balance].
Under the [z2] tab, select [Custom
White Balance], then press <0>.
The custom white balance selection
screen will appear.
Import the white balance data.
Select the image that was captured in
step 1, then press <0>.
On the dialog screen that appears,
select [OK] and the data will be
When the menu reappears, press the
<M> button to exit the menu.
Select [O (Custom)].
Press the <WB> button.
Select [O (Custom)], then press
If the exposure obtained in step 1 differs greatly from the standard
exposure, a correct white balance may not be obtained.
In step 3, the following images cannot be selected: Images captured
while the Picture Style was set to [Monochrome] (p.136), images
processed with a Creative filter, cropped images, and images taken with
another camera.
Instead of a white object, a gray chart or 18% gray reflector
(commercially available) can produce a more accurate white balance.
The personal white balance registered with EOS Utility (EOS software,
p.420) will be registered under [O]. If you perform step 3, the data for
the registered personal white balance will be erased.