Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Take many pictures p.126 (7a, 8a, b, c)
AF (Focusing)
Change the AF area selection mode
AF area selection mode)
Shoot a moving subject p.89, 91, 112 (AI Servo AF)
View the images on the camera p.107 (x Playback)
Search for pictures quickly p.292 (H Index display)
p.293 (I Image browsing)
Rate images p.298 (Ratings)
Prevent important images p.316 (K Image protect)
from accidental deletion
Delete unnecessary images p.318 (L Delete)
Auto play back images and movies
p.308 (Slide show)
View the photos or movies on a TV set
p.312 (Video OUT)
Adjust the LCD monitor brightness
p.274 (LCD monitor brightness)
Apply special effect to images p.326
(Creative filters
Print pictures easily p.333 (Direct printing)