Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

3 Menu Function Settings
Sound recording J
Normally, the built-in microphones will
record stereo sound. If a commercially-
available external stereo microphone
equipped with a mini plug (3.5 mm
diameter) is connected to the camera’s
external microphone IN terminal (p.26), it
will be given priority.
[Sound rec./Rec. level] options
[Auto] : The sound-recording level is adjusted automatically.
Auto level control will operate automatically in
response to the sound level.
[Manual] : For advanced users. You can adjust the sound-
recording level to one of 64 levels.
Select [Rec. level] and look at the level meter while
pressing the <Y> <Z> keys to adjust the sound-
recording level. Look at the peak hold indicator
(approx. 3 sec.), and adjust so that the level meter
sometimes lights up on the right of the “12” (-12 dB)
mark for the loudest sounds. If it exceeds “0”, the
sound will be distorted.
[Disable] : Sound will not be recorded.
[Wind filter]
When set to [Auto], it reduces wind noise when there is wind
outdoors. This feature takes effect only with the built-in
microphones. When the wind filter function takes effect, low bass
sounds will also be reduced.
Even if you set [Sound recording] to [Auto] or [Manual] before
shooting, sound distortion may still result if there is a very loud
sound. In such a case, setting it to [Enable] is recommended.
Level meter