Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

C Creative Auto Shooting
If you set (1), (2) or (3) when the camera is set for Live View shooting,
you can see the effect on the screen before you start shooting.
(1) Extra Effect Shot
You can select any of the following effects for shooting: Creative filters
(p.210), Picture Styles (p.135), and Ambience-based shots (p.100).
Turn the <5> dial to select [ : Enable]. Turn the <6> dial to
select a shooting effect and shoot.
When you take a picture, two images will be recorded. One with
the effect applied and one without. Both images will be displayed
together immediately after you take the picture. The image without
the effect is displayed on the left and the one with the effect on the
Registering your favorite shooting effects
During the image review immediately after shooting and during
playback, the image applied with the effect will have the [s ]
icon. After you press the <0> button and then the <B> button,
you can check which shooting effect is applied.
You can register up to two shooting effects under [
9:Favorite effect
When you select the registered [9:Favorite effect], you can
shoot with that shooting effect applied. You can also overwrite the
[9:Favorite effect].
ISO speed
Shutter speed
If you are using an Eye-Fi card and have set it to erase images after their
transfer, the image without the effect will not be displayed during the
playback immediately after shooting.
The Live View image displayed with Extra Effect Shot applied will not
look exactly the same as the actual photo.