Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

With AC Adapter Kit ACK-E18 (sold separately), you can connect the
camera to a household power outlet and not worry about the remaining
battery level.
Connect the DC Coupler’s plug.
Connect the DC Coupler’s plug to the
AC Adapter’s socket.
Connect the power cord.
Connect the power cord as shown in
the illustration.
After using the camera, unplug the
power plug from the power outlet.
Insert the DC Coupler.
Open the battery compartment cover
and insert the DC Coupler until it
securely locks in place.
Push in the DC cord.
Open the DC cord hole cover and
install the cord as shown in the
Close the battery compartment cover.
Using a Household Power Outlet
Do not connect or disconnect the power cord when the camera’s power
switch is set to <