Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

3 Menu Settings
6 Set-up 2 (Yellow) Page
Auto power off
30 sec. / 1 min. / 2 min. / 4 min. / 8 min. /
15 min. / Disable
LCD brightness
Adjust the brightness (seven levels) 274
LCD auto off
Enable / Disable 285
Date (year, month, day) / Time (hr., min., sec.) /
Daylight saving time / Time zone
Select the interface language 46
Viewfinder display
Electronic level: Hide / Show 70
Grid display: Hide / Show 69
Flicker detection: Show / Hide 72
GPS device settings
Settings available when the GPS Receiver
GP-E2 (sold separately) is attached
When using Wi-Fi function or GPS device, be sure to check the countries
and areas of use, and use the device in accordance with the laws and
regulations of the country or region.
[Wi-Fi/NFC] cannot be set if the camera is connected to a computer,
printer, GPS receiver, TV set, or other device with a cable. When [Wi-Fi/
NFC] is set to [Enable], you cannot connect the camera to the above
devices with a cable.
When connecting this camera and the GPS Receiver GP-E2 with a
cable, update the firmware of GP-E2 to Ver.2.0.0 or later. With the older
versions, you cannot use this camera and GP-E2 connected with a
cable. Note that GP-E2 can be used by attaching it to the camera’s hot
For how to update the firmware, refer to the Canon Web site or contact
the nearest Canon Service Center.