Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

A Registering a Picture StyleK
Select a parameter.
Select a parameter such as
[Sharpness], then press <0>.
Set the parameter.
Press the <Y> <Z> keys to adjust
the parameter as desired, then press
For details, see “Customizing a
Picture Style” on pages 137-139.
Press the <M> button to register
the modified Picture Style. The
Picture Style selection screen will
then reappear.
The base Picture Style will be
indicated on the right of [User Def. *].
If a Picture Style has already been registered under [User Def. *],
changing the base Picture Style in step 4 will nullify the parameter
settings of the registered Picture Style.
If you perform [Clear all camera settings] (p.282), Picture Styles and
their parameters set under [User Def. *] will be reverted to their default
settings. Picture Styles registered via EOS Utility (EOS software) will
have only their modified parameters reverted to their default settings.
To shoot with a registered Picture Style, follow step 2 on page 135 to
select [User Def. *], then shoot.
Regarding the procedure to register a Picture Style file to the camera,
refer to the EOS Utility Instruction Manual (p.422).