Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Peripheral light fall-off is a phenomenon that makes the image corners
look darker due to the lens characteristics. Color fringing along subject
outlines is called chromatic aberration. And image distortion due to lens
characteristics is called distortion. These lens aberrations and light fall-
off can be corrected. By default, Peripheral illumination and Chromatic
aberration correction are set to [Enable], and Distortion correction is set
to [Disable].
If [Cannot correct - no data] is displayed, see “Lens Correction Data”
on page 152.
Select [Lens aberration
Under the [z1] tab, select [Lens
aberration correction], then press
Select the setting.
Check that [Correction data
available] is displayed for the
attached lens.
Select [Peripheral illumin.], then
press <0>.
Select [Enable], then press <0>.
Take the picture.
The image will be recorded with the
peripheral illumination corrected.
Correction of Lens Peripheral Illumination and Aberrations
Peripheral Illumination Correction
Depending on shooting conditions, noise may appear on the image
The correction amount applied will be lower than the maximum
correction amount settable with Digital Photo Professional (EOS
software, p.420).
The higher the ISO speed, the lower the correction amount will be.