Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

By selecting a Picture Style, you can obtain image characteristics
matching your photographic expression or the subject.
In Basic Zone modes, [D] (Auto) is set automatically.
Press the <XA> button.
The Picture Style selection screen will
Select a Picture Style.
Select a Picture Style, then press
The Picture Style will be set.
D Auto
The color tones will be adjusted automatically to suit the scene.
The colors will look vivid, especially for blue skies, greenery and
sunsets, and in nature, outdoor and sunset scenes.
P Standard
The image looks vivid, sharp, and crisp. This is a general-purpose
Picture Style suitable for most scenes.
Selecting a Picture StyleK
Picture Style Characteristics
You can also set the Picture Style with [z2: Picture Style].
If the desired color tone is not obtained with [
], use another Picture Style.