Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Shoot by Lighting or Scene Type
Lighting or Scene Type Settings
e Default setting
Default setting suited for most subjects.
f Daylight
For subjects under sunlight. Gives more natural-looking blue skies
and greenery and reproduces light-colored flowers better.
g Shade
For subjects in the shade. Suitable for skin tones, which may look
too bluish, and for light-colored flowers.
h Cloudy
For subjects under overcast skies. Makes skin tones and
landscapes, which may otherwise look dull on a cloudy day, look
warmer. Also effective for light-colored flowers.
i Tungsten light
For subjects lit under tungsten lighting. Reduces the reddish-orange
color cast caused by tungsten lighting.
j Fluorescent light
For subjects under fluorescent lighting. Suited for all types of
fluorescent lighting.
r Sunset
Suitable when you want to capture the sunset’s impressive colors.