Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

General Live View Shooting Cautions
Live View Image
Under low- or bright-light conditions, the Live View image may not reflect
the brightness of the captured image.
Even if a low ISO speed is set, noise may be noticeable in the displayed
Live View image under low light. However, when you shoot, the image
recorded will have minimal noise. (The image quality of the Live View
image is different from that of the recorded image.)
If the light source (illumination) within the image changes, the screen
may flicker. If this happens, exit Live View shooting and resume shooting
under the actual light source.
If you point the camera in a different direction, it may throw off the Live
View image’s correct brightness momentarily. Wait until the brightness
level stabilizes before shooting.
If there is a very bright light source in the image, the bright area may
appear black on the LCD monitor. However, the actual captured image
will correctly show the bright area.
In low light, if you set the [52: LCD brightness] to a bright setting, noise
or irregular colors may appear in the Live View image. However, the
noise or irregular colors will not be recorded in the captured image.
When you magnify the image, the image sharpness may look more
pronounced than in the actual image.
If the shutter speed is 1 sec. or slower, “BUSY” is displayed on the LCD
monitor, and the Live View display will not appear until the exposure is
Custom Functions
During Live View shooting, some Custom Function settings will not take
effect (p.351).
Lens and Flash
The focus preset function is possible for Live View shooting only when
using a (super) telephoto lens equipped with the focus preset mode,
available since the second half of 2011.
FE lock will not work if the built-in flash is used. FE lock and modeling
flash will not work if an external Speedlite is used.