Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Basic Operation
After pressing a button, turn the
<5> dial.
After pressing a button such as <g>
<WB> <XA> <YQi> <Zf>,
turn the <
5> dial to change the setting.
For the <g> button, the function
remains selected for 6 sec. (9) after
pressing the button.
When the function selection ends or if
you press the shutter button halfway, the
camera will be ready to shoot.
Use this dial to select or set the ISO
speed, white balance, Picture Style,
drive mode, AF operation, AF point,
Turn the <5> dial only.
While looking at the viewfinder or LCD
panel, turn the <
5> dial to change the
Use this dial to set the exposure
compensation amount, the aperture
setting for manual exposures, etc.
After pressing a button, press the
<W>, <X>, <Y>, or <Z> key.
After pressing the <M> or <Q>
button, press the <W> <X> or <Y>
<Z> keys to set menus or Quick Control
5 Quick Control Dial
The operations in (1) and (3) are possible even when the <R> switch is
set to the right (Multi function lock, p.55, 359).