Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Connecting the camera to a TV set is recommended to play back the
movies shot (p.312-315).
When the shooting mode is set to any mode other than <
autoexposure control will take effect to suit the scene’s current brightness.
Set the power switch to <k>.
The reflex mirror will make a sound,
then the image will appear on the
LCD monitor.
Set any shooting mode except
Focus on the subject.
Before shooting a movie, focus with
AF or manual focus (p.218-225, 228).
By default, [Movie Servo AF:
Enable] is set so that the camera will
always focus. To stop Movie Servo
AF, see page 263.
Shoot the movie.
Press the <A> button to start
shooting a movie. To stop movie
shooting, press <A> again.
While the movie is being shot, the
o” mark will be displayed on the
upper right of the screen.
Sound will be recorded by the built-in
k Shooting Movies
Autoexposure Shooting
Recording movie
Built-in microphones