Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

To blur the background or to make everything near and far look sharp,
set the Mode Dial to <f> (Aperture-priority AE) to adjust the depth of
field (range of acceptable focus).
stands for Aperture value, which is the size of the diaphragm hole inside the lens.
Set the Mode Dial to <f>.
Set the desired aperture.
While looking at the LCD panel or
viewfinder, turn the <6> dial.
The higher the f/number, the wider the depth
of field where sharper focus is obtained in
both the foreground and background.
Turning the <
> dial to the right will set
a higher f/number (smaller aperture
opening), and turning it to the left will set a
lower f/number (larger aperture opening).
Take the picture.
Focus and press the shutter button
completely. The picture will be taken
with the selected aperture.
Changing the Depth of Field
Sharp foreground and background
(With a high aperture f/number: f/32)
Blurred background
(With a low aperture f/number: f/5.6)
Aperture Display
The higher the f/number, the smaller the aperture opening will be. The
f/number displayed will differ depending on the lens. If no lens is attached to
the camera, “00” will be displayed for the aperture.