Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Troubleshooting Guide
[32: AF point disp.] is set to [Enable] (p.323).
Even if [32: AF point display] is set to [Enable] (p.323), the red box
is not displayed for the following images:
Images shot with Multi Shot Noise Reduction (p.147)
Images recorded with distortion correction enabled (p.151)
Images shot with <F> or <G> in <8> mode
Cropped images (p.331)
Images with Fish-eye effect applied after shooting (p.326)
If you selected [Clean nowf], the shutter will make a noise, but no
picture is taken (p.286).
If you repeatedly turn the power switch <1> / <2> at a short
interval, the <f> icon may not be displayed (p.42).
A red box is displayed on the image.
A red box is not displayed on the image.
Sensor Cleaning Problems
The shutter makes a noise during sensor cleaning.
Automatic sensor cleaning does not work.