Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Load a fully charged Battery Pack LP-E17 into the camera. The
camera’s viewfinder becomes bright when a battery is installed, and
darkens when the battery is removed.
Open the cover.
Slide the lever as shown by the
arrows and open the cover.
Insert the battery.
Insert the end with the battery
Insert the battery until it locks in
Close the cover.
Press the cover until it snaps shut.
Open the cover and remove the
Press the battery release lever as shown
by the arrow and remove the battery.
To prevent short circuiting of the battery
contacts, be sure to attach the protective
cover (provided, p.36) to the battery.
Installing and Removing the Battery
Installing the Battery
Removing the Battery
After opening the battery compartment cover, be careful not to forcefully
swing it back further. Otherwise, the hinge may break.