Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

k Playing Back Movies
Movie Playback Panel
* When background music is set, the movie sound will not be played back.
Operation Playback Description
7 Play Pressing <0> toggles between play and stop.
8 Slow motion
Adjust the slow motion speed by pressing the <Y> <Z>
keys. The slow motion speed is indicated on the upper right
of the screen.
5 First frame Displays the movie’s first frame.
3 Previous
Each time you press <0>, the previous frame is displayed.
If you hold down <0>, it will rewind the movie.
6 Next frame
Each time you press <0>, the movie will play frame-by-
frame. If you hold down <0>, it will fast forward the movie.
4 Last frame Displays the movie’s last frame.
F Background
Plays back a movie with the selected background music
X Edit Displays the editing screen (p.306).
Playback position
mm’ ss” Playback time (minutes:seconds)
9 Volume
Turn the <6> dial to adjust the volume of the built-in
speaker (p.304).
Press the <M> button to return to the single-image
With a fully-charged Battery Pack LP-E17, the continuous playback time at
room temperature (23°C / 73°F) is approx. 2 hr. 20 min.
If you connect the camera to a TV set to play back a movie (p.312, 315),
adjust the sound volume with the TV set. (Turning the <6> dial will not
change the sound volume.)
If you take a still photo while you are shooting the movie, the still photo
will be displayed for approx. 1 sec. during the movie playback.