Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

A Shooting with the LCD Monitor
You can display the electronic level by pressing the <B> button
(p.70). Note that if the AF method is set to [u+Tracking] or the camera
is connected to a TV set with a HDMI cable, the electronic level cannot
be displayed.
You can display the histogram by pressing the <B> button. However,
the histogram is not displayed while pressing the shutter button
When <g> is displayed in white, it indicates that the Live View image
brightness is close to what the captured image will look like.
If <g> is blinking, it indicates that the Live View image is displayed at
a brightness that differs from the actual shooting result because of low-
or bright-light conditions. However, the actual image recorded will reflect
the exposure setting. Note that noise may be more noticeable than the
actual image recorded.
If the <F> or <G> shooting mode, Multi Shot Noise Reduction, flash, or
bulb exposure is used, the <g> icon and histogram will be grayed out
(for your reference). The histogram may not be properly displayed in low-
or bright-light conditions.
Do not hold the camera in the same position for long periods of time.
Even if the camera does not feel too hot, prolonged contact with the same
body part may cause skin redness, blistering or low-temperature contact
burns. Using a tripod is recommended for people with circulation problems
or very sensitive skin, or when using the camera in very hot places.