Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Using AF to Focus (AF Method)
AF Operation
Even when focus is achieved, pressing the shutter button halfway
will focus again.
The image brightness may change during and after the AF
Depending on the subject or shooting conditions, etc., focusing may
take longer or the continuous shooting speed may become slower.
If the light source changes while the Live View image is displayed,
the screen may flicker and focusing may be difficult. If this happens,
exit Live View shooting and execute AF under the actual light
If [u+Tracking] is set, magnified view is not possible.
When [FlexiZone - Multi] is set and you press the <u> button (or
tap <s> on the screen), the center of the selected zone (or image
center with automatic selection) will be magnified. If you press the
shutter button halfway, the display will return to normal and the
camera will focus.
When [FlexiZone - Single] is set and you press the <u> button (or
tap <s> on the screen), the area covered by the AF point will be
magnified. Press the shutter button halfway to focus in the magnified
view. This is effective when the camera is attached to a tripod and
you need to attain very precise focus. If focusing is difficult in
magnified view, return to the normal display and use AF. Note that
the AF speed may differ between the normal and magnified views.
If you magnify the view after focusing with [FlexiZone - Multi] or
[FlexiZone - Single] in the normal view, precise focus may not be
Notes for
When in magnified view, Continuous AF (p.214) or Servo AF (p.217) will not
be executed.