Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Software Instruction Manuals are contained on the EOS
DIGITAL Solution Disk. You can copy and view the
software instruction manual (PDF files) as follows:
Insert the EOS DIGITAL Solution Disk into your computer.
2 Close the install screen.
When the EOS DIGITAL Solution Disk install screen appears,
close the install screen.
3 Open the CD-ROM.
4 Open the [Manual] folder.
5 Copy the [English] folder to your computer.
Instruction Manual PDFs with the names below are copied.
6 Double-click the copied PDF file.
Adobe Reader (most recent version recommended) must be
installed on your computer.
Adobe Reader can be downloaded free from the Internet.
Software Instruction Manual
Windows Macintosh
EOS Utility EUx.xW_E_xx EUx.xM_E_xx
Digital Photo Professional DPPx.xW_E_xx DPPx.xM_E_xx
Picture Style Editor PSEx.xW_E_xx PSEx.xM_E_xx