Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

3 Slide Show (Auto Playback)
Start the slide show.
Press the <W><X> keys to select
[Start], then press <0>.
After [Loading image...] is displayed,
the slide show will start.
Exit the slide show.
To exit the slide show and return to
the setting screen, press the <M>
[Transition effect][Background music]
To pause the slide show, press <0>. During pause, [G] will be displayed
on the upper left of the image. Press <0> again to resume the slide
show. You can also pause the slide show by tapping on the screen.
During auto playback, you can press the <B> button to change the
still photo display format (p.107).
During movie playback, you can adjust the sound volume by turning the
<6> dial.
During auto playback or pause, you can turn the <5> dial to view
another image.
During auto playback, auto power off will not take effect.
The display time may vary depending on the image.
To view the slide show on a TV set, see page 312.