Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

You can crop the image as desired and save it as a new image. JPEG
c and RAW images cannot be cropped. The 1+73 image’s
JPEG image can be cropped.
Select [Cropping].
Under the [x2] tab, select
[Cropping], then press <0>.
An image will be displayed.
Select an image.
Select the image you want to crop.
By pressing the <I> button, you
can switch to the index display and
select an image.
Set the cropping frame size,
aspect ratio, position, and
Press <0> to display the cropping
The image area within the cropping
frame will be cropped.
Changing the Cropping Frame Size
Press the <u> or <I> button.
The cropping frame size will change. The smaller the cropping
frame, the larger the image magnification will be.
Changing the Cropping Frame Aspect Ratio
Turn the <5> dial.
Cropping frame aspect ratio will change to [3:2], [16:9], [4:3], or
N Cropping JPEG Images