Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

C Creative Auto Shooting
(4) Drive mode: Use the <6> or <5> dial to make the selection.
<u> Single shooting:
Shoot one image at a time.
<i> Continuous shooting:
While you hold down the shutter button completely,
shots will be taken continuously. You can shoot up to
approx. 5.0 shots per second.
<B>Silent single shooting*:
Single shooting with less shooting sound than <u>.
<M>Silent continuous shooting*:
Continuous shooting (max. approx. 3.0 shots per
second) with less shooting sound than <
<Q>Self-timer: 10sec./remote control:
The picture is taken 10 seconds after you press the
shutter button. A remote controller can also be used.
<l>Self-timer: 2 sec.:
The picture is taken 2 seconds after you press the
shutter button.
<q>Self-timer: Continuous:
Press the <W> <X> keys to set the number of
multiple shots (2 to 10) to be taken with the self-timer.
10 seconds after you press the shutter button, the set
number of multiple shots will be taken.
* Cannot be set during Live View shooting.
(5) Flash firing: Turn the <6> or <5> dial to select the desired
<a> Auto flash : The flash fires automatically when necessary.
<I> Flash on : The flash fires at all times.
<b> Flash off : The flash is disabled.
When using the self-timer, see the notes on page 124.
When using <b>, see “Disabling Flash” on page 81.
If you have set Extra Effect Shot, 1+73, 1, and <i> <M>
<q> cannot be set.
If you have set background blur, you cannot use flash.