Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

When shooting a scene having both bright and dark areas, use the
<G> (HDR Backlight Control) mode. When you take one picture in this
mode, three continuous shots are taken at different exposures. This
results in one image, with a wide tonal range, that has minimized the
clipped shadows caused by backlighting.
Hold the camera firmly.
While shooting, hold the camera firmly and steadily. In this mode,
three shots are aligned and merged into a single image. However, if
there is significant misalignment in any of the three shots due to
camera shake, they may not align properly in the final image.
G Shooting Backlit Scenes
Shooting Tips
The flash will not fire. In low light, the AF-assist beam may be emitted
See the cautions on page 97.
HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.