Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

This function reduces the noise generated in the image. Although noise
reduction is applied at all ISO speeds, it is particularly effective at high
ISO speeds. At low ISO speeds, the noise in the darker parts of the
image (shadow areas) is further reduced. Change the setting to suit the
noise level.
Select [High ISO speed NR].
Under the [z3] tab, select [High ISO
speed NR], then press <0>.
Set the level.
Select the desired noise reduction
level, then press <0>.
[M: Multi Shot Noise Reduction]
This applies noise reduction with higher image quality than [High].
For a single photo, four shots are taken continuously and aligned
and merged automatically into a single JPEG image.
Take the picture.
The image will be recorded with noise
reduction applied.
Setting Noise Reduction
High ISO Speed Noise Reduction
If you play back or directly print a 1+73 or 1 image with the camera,
the effect of the high ISO speed noise reduction may look minimal. Check
the noise reduction effect or print noise-reduced images with Digital Photo
Professional (EOS software, p.420).