Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

A Fully Automatic Shooting (Scene Intelligent Auto)
Take the picture.
Press the shutter button completely to
take the picture.
The captured image will be displayed
for 2 sec. on the LCD monitor.
After you finish shooting, push down
the built-in flash with your fingers.
The focus indicator <o> blinks and focus is not achieved.
Aim the Area AF frame over an area with good contrast, then press
the shutter button halfway (p.52). If you are too close to the subject,
move away and try again.
When focus is achieved, the AF points do not light up in red.
The AF points light up in red only when focus is achieved in low-light
Multiple AF points light up simultaneously.
Focus has been achieved at all those points. You can take the
picture as long as an AF point covering the target subject is lighting
The <A> mode makes the colors look more impressive in nature, outdoor,
and sunset scenes. If you did not obtain the desired color tones, change the
mode to a Creative Zone mode and select a Picture Style other than
<D>, then shoot again (p.135).