Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Handy Features
You can prevent the display-off sensor from turning off the LCD monitor
when your eye approaches the viewfinder.
Under the [52] tab, select [LCD auto
off], then press <0>. Select [Disable],
then press <0>.
You can change the background color of the shooting settings screen.
Under the [53] tab, select [Screen
color], then press <0>. Select the
desired color, then press <0>.
When you exit the menu, the shooting
settings screen based in the selected
color will be displayed.
Preventing the LCD Monitor from Turning Off Automatically
3 Changing the Shooting Settings Screen Color
When Angle Finder C (sold separately) is attached to the viewfinder, set it to
[Disable]. If [Enable] is set, the LCD monitor may remain off.