Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

<A> is a fully automatic mode. The camera analyzes the scene
and sets the optimum settings automatically. It also adjusts focus
automatically by detecting whether the subject is still or moving (p.79).
Set the Mode Dial to <A>.
Turn the Mode Dial while holding
down the lock release button at the
Aim the Area AF frame over the
All the AF points will be used to focus,
and the camera will focus on the
closest object.
Aiming the center of the Area AF
frame over the subject will make
focusing easier.
Focus on the subject.
Press the shutter button halfway. The
lens focusing ring will rotate to focus.
The AF point(s) that achieve(s) focus
will be displayed. At the same time,
the beeper will sound and the focus
indicator <o> in the viewfinder will
light up.
In low light, the AF point(s) will light
up briefly in red.
If necessary, the built-in flash will be
raised automatically.
Fully Automatic Shooting (Scene Intelligent Auto)
Area AF frame
Focus indicator