Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

A Customizing a Picture StyleK
For Monochrome, you can also set [Filter effect] and [Toning effect] in
addition to [Sharpness] and [Contrast] explained on the preceding
kFilter Effect
With a filter effect applied to a
monochrome image, you can make
white clouds or green trees stand out
lToning Effect
By applying a toning effect, you can
create a monochrome image in that
color. It can make the image look more
The following can be selected: [N:None],
[S:Sepia], [B:Blue], [P:Purple] or
V Monochrome Adjustment
Filter Sample Effects
N: None Normal black-and-white image with no filter effects.
Ye: Yellow
The blue sky will look more natural, and the white clouds will look
Or: Orange
The blue sky will look slightly darker. The sunset will look more
R: Red
The blue sky will look quite dark. Fall leaves will look crisper and
G: Green
Skin tones and lips will appear muted. Green tree leaves will look
crisper and brighter.
Increasing the [Contrast] will make the filter effect more pronounced.