Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

3 Reducing FlickerK
Under [54: Custom Functions (C.Fn)], if you set [9: Mirror lockup] to
[1: Enable], the [Anti-flicker shoot.] setting will automatically switch to
If the subject is against a dark background or if there is a bright light in
the image, flicker may not be detected.
Under certain special types of lighting, the camera may not be able to
reduce the effects of the flicker even when <
G> is displayed.
Depending on the light source, flicker may not be detected properly.
If you recompose a shot, <
G> may appear and disappear
Depending on the light sources or shooting conditions, expected result
may not be obtained even if you use this function.
Taking test shots is recommended.
If <
G> is not displayed in the viewfinder, under [52: Viewfinder
display], set [Flicker detection] to [Show] (p.72). When the camera
reduces the effects of the flicker when you shoot, <
G> will light.
Under a light source which does not flicker, or if no flicker is detected,
G> will not be displayed.
If [Flicker detection] is set to [Show] and [Anti-flicker shoot.] is set to
[Disable], metering under a flickering light source will cause
G> to blink in the viewfinder as a warning. Setting [Enable]
before shooting is recommended.
In Basic Zone modes, <
G> will not be displayed, but the effects
of flicker will be reduced when you shoot.
Anti-flicker shooting also works with flash. However, the expected result
may not be obtained during wireless flash shooting.