Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Q Quick Control
In Basic Zone modes when the shooting function settings screen is
displayed, you can press the <Q> button to display the Quick Control
screen. The tables on the next page show the functions that can be set
with the Quick Control screen in each Basic Zone mode.
Set the Mode Dial to a Basic Zone
Press the <Q> button (7).
The Quick Control screen will appear.
Set the functions.
Press the <W> <X> or <Y> <Z>
keys to select a function. (This step is
not necessary in the 7 mode.)
The selected function and Feature
guide (p.73) will appear.
Turn the <6> or <5> dial to
change the setting.
You can also select from a list by
selecting a function and pressing
Cautions for <G> (HDR Backlight Control)
Note that the image may not be rendered with a smooth gradation and
may look irregular or have significant noise.
HDR Backlight Control may not be effective for excessively backlit
scenes or extremely high-contrast scenes.
When shooting subjects that are sufficiently bright, for example for normally
lit scenes, the image may look unnatural because of the applied HDR effect.
Q Quick Control
Example: Portrait mode