Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

X Editing a Movie’s First and Last Scenes
Check the edited movie.
Select [7] and press <0> to play
back the edited movie.
To change the editing, go back to step
To cancel the editing, press the
<M> button, then select [OK] on
the confirmation dialog.
Save the edited movie.
Select [W], then press <0>.
The save screen will appear.
To save it as a new movie, select
[New file]. To save it and overwrite
the original movie file, select
[Overwrite], then press <0>.
On the confirmation dialog, select
[OK], then press <0> to save the
edited movie and return to the movie
playback screen.
Since the editing is performed in approx. 1-sec. increments (position
indicated by [Z] on the top of the screen), the actual position where the
movie is edited may differ from the position you specified.
If the card does not have enough free space, [New file] will not be
When the battery level is low, movie editing is not possible. Use a fully-
charged battery.