Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Shooting HDR Movies
The recording size is fixed at [1280x720 29.97fps (Standard)] (it is fixed
at [1280x720 25.00fps (Standard)] if [53: Video system] is set to
[PAL]). If [HDR Movie Shooting: Disable] is set, the recording size will
revert to the original setting.
Since multiple frames are merged to create an HDR movie, a part of the
movie may be distorted. During shooting while handholding the camera,
the distortion caused by camera shake may be noticeable. Using a tripod
is recommended.
Note that even if a tripod is used for shooting, afterimages may be
noticeable or noise may look increased during the HDR movie is played
back frame-by-frame or in slow-motion compared to when it is played
back normally.
HDR movie shooting cannot be set if movie digital zoom, video snapshot,
or Miniature effect movie is set.
Still photo shooting is not possible.