Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

3 Custom Function SettingsK
C.Fn-11 Assign SET button
You can assign a frequently-used function to <0>. When the camera
is ready to shoot, pressing the <0> button will display the respective
function setting screen.
0: Normal (disabled)
1: Image quality
The image quality setting screen will appear.
2: Flash exposure compensation
The flash exposure compensation setting screen will appear.
3: LCD monitor On/Off
You can turn on or off the LCD monitor.
4: Menu display
The menu screen will appear.
5: ISO speed
The ISO speed setting screen will appear.
6: Flash function settings
The built-in flash or external flash function setting screen will
C.Fn-12 LCD display when power ON
0: Display on
When the power switch is turned on, the shooting settings will be
displayed (p.67).
1: Previous display status
When the power is turned on, the camera will start with the LCD
monitor display status just before the power was last turned off.
Therefore, if you turn off the camera when the LCD monitor is off
or when camera settings (p.362) are displayed, nothing will be
displayed when you turn on the camera again. This helps to save
battery power. The menu operations and image playback will be
available as usual.