Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

Turning on the Power
When the power is turned on, the battery level will be indicated in one of
the four levels.
H : Battery level is sufficient.
I : Battery level is low, but the
camera can still be used.
v : Battery will be exhausted soon.
w : Recharge the battery.
Number of Possible Shots (Approx. number of shots)
The figures above are based on a fully-charged Battery Pack LP-E17, no Live
View shooting, and CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association) testing
Possible shots with Battery Grip BG-E18 (sold separately)
With LP-E17 x 2: approx, twice the shots without the battery grip.
z Checking the Battery Level
Room Temperature
(23°C / 73°F)
Low Temperatures
(0°C / 32°F)
No Flash 550 470
50% Flash Use 440 400
Doing any of the following will exhaust the battery sooner:
Pressing the shutter button halfway for a prolonged period.
Activating the AF frequently without taking a picture.
Using the lens Image Stabilizer.
Using the LCD monitor frequently.
The number of possible shots may decrease depending on the actual
shooting conditions.
The lens operation is powered by the camera’s battery. Depending on
the lens used, the battery power may exhaust faster.
For the number of possible shots with Live View shooting, see page 203.
See [53: Battery info.] to check the battery’s condition (p.364).