Canon 0020C003 Digital Camera User Manual

You can check the battery’s condition on the LCD monitor.
Select [Battery info.].
Under the [53] tab, select [Battery
info.], then press <0>.
The battery info. screen will appear.
3 Checking the Battery Information
Battery model or household power source
being used.
The battery level icon (p.43) is displayed.
Battery’s recharge performance level is
displayed in one of three levels.
(Green) : Battery’s recharge
performance is fine.
(Green) : Battery’s recharge
performance is slightly
(Red) : Purchasing a new
battery is recommended.
Battery position
The use of a genuine Canon Battery Pack LP-E17 is recommended. If you
use batteries that are not genuine Canon products, this camera’s full
performance may not be attained or malfunction may result.
The battery information will be displayed even when Battery Grip BG-
E18 is used. If two LP-E17 battery packs are attached, it displays the
remaining battery level of the two combined.
If a battery communication error message is displayed, follow the